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Moulton High School Counselor's Corner

7th-12th Grade


Moulton High School 

Counselor's Corner


Welcome to the Moulton High School Counselor’s Corner! 

I have had the pleasure of being an elementary school administrator and a middle and high school teacher and counselor. I look forward to bringing my experience to the students and families in Moulton ISD.  I am looking forward to working with you to help you develop to the fullest potential.  I also hope to aid you in preparing for post-secondary endeavors.  Here you will find links for SAT and ACT testing, scholarships and financial aid, and important information about college and career planning.



Katherine Fugate, Ph.D.  


Check out this cool website that has good information about colleges and scholarships.  College Week Live






Education beyond high school should be attainable for every student who actively desires it and is academically qualified.  College graduates, on the average, earn almost double the salary of people who have completed only a high school education.  This does not mean, however, that a college education is the be-all and end-all for each and every student.  Many vocational and technical careers do not require four years of college education yet pay very well.



Moulton High School encourages all students to complete the Recommended or Distinguished High School Graduation Plans or the new Distinguished Plan with Endorsements.  These plans are more effective in preparing students for college.  Though GEDs are considered a high school diploma equivalency, GED holders often do not get the benefit of the breadth of subject matter and social interactions that are part of a high school education.



Each institution has specific admission requirements which will indicate which high school credits are required and which college entrance tests you must take.  Many require a specific test score and look at class rank and grade point average when determining admissions.  For specific information on admissions requirements go to: http://www.everychanceeverytexan.org/about/scholars/.  Click on Texas Colleges and Universities to find the institution you are interested in.



You can start earning college credits early through the Advanced Placement Program and dual credit courses offered at Moulton High School.  Dual credit and AP classes are usually taken during a  student’s junior and/or senior year.  



You’re required to take a number of tests during high school. Some help make sure you have the  knowledge needed for graduation, and others measure your level of reading, writing and math skills. 

The TAKS or STAAR EOC tests determine if you have the necessary skills for your grade level, and the exit-level TAKS or English III and Algebra II EOC tests show if you have the skills needed to graduate from high school.

AP and CLEP exams allow you to gain college credit for things you've learned in high school.

The PSAT is given to all interested sophomores and juniors at Moulton High School.  Scholarship opportunities are available for juniors who score very high on the PSAT.  It is a good idea to take the PSAT so you know what the SAT will look like and have time to practice on specific subjects or items you may have struggled with.

The ASVAB is given to students who are interested in a military career.  If you are interested in joining a branch of the military, please see Mrs. Henke so she can get you in contact with a recruiter.

The SAT, ACT, or TSIA indicate if you have the reading, writing, and math skills needed for college-level work.  SAT and ACT tests should be taken at the end of the junior year.  This allows for plenty of time to retest if a student wishes to score higher.  The TSIA can be taken in place of the ACT or SAT if you plan to attend a junior college.  It can be taken during your senior year.



If you’re in the top 10% of your high school graduating class, you’re eligible for automatic admission to any public university in Texas except UT-Austin. You must be in the top 7% to be guaranteed admission there.  To meet the requirements for automatic admission, you must:

Graduate in the top 10% (7% for UT) of your class at a public or private high school in Texas or graduate in the top 10% of your class from a high school operated by the U.S. Department of Defense and be a Texas resident or eligible to pay resident tuition;

Enroll in college no more than two years after graduating from high school; and

Submit an application to a Texas public university for admission before the application deadline. (Check with the university for specific deadlines).



Search out and apply for as many scholarships as possible.  Mrs. Henke keeps an up-to-date listing of the ones she’s handed out on the school website, but there are MANY more out there!  Take the time to look them up, write the essays, and collect all the proper paperwork.  Remember-you don’t have to pay scholarships back!

You and your family can choose from many different types of financial aid. Some are based on  financial need, and some on academic performance.  Every college-bound student should complete the FAFSA. Your answers to questions about your income and assets (and your parents’ income and assets) will determine your Expected Family Contribution—the annual amount that the government expects you and your parent(s) to be able to pay toward your college education.  If your college costs exceed your calculated EFC, you’ll be eligible for need-based loans and/or grants to help pay your college bills.  You should file the FAFSA even if you don’t think you’ll qualify for need-based aid.  If you want to take out a federal loan, you’ll need to file the FAFSA.  You can file your FAFSA as early as January 1 of the year you intend to enter school, and you’ll have to repeat the process each year.  Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov,        http://www.collegefortexans.com, or to the counseling office for more information.


Texas Financial Aid Information Center







Test Dates Central

Click on the link above to take you to a list standardized tests for educational or employment purposes.


TSIA Information

Click on the link above to take you to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's website where you can find information about the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) which can be taken in place of the SAT or ACT if you plan to attend a junior college.



Advanced Placement (AP) Information


Click on the link above to take you to the College Board's AP Central where you can find information about AP courses and exams.




Dual Credit Information


Click on the link above to take you to the Victoria College Dual Credit webpage where you can find  information about admissons, required qualifications for dual credit students, and registration dates.




2014-2015 PSAT will be Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Interested sophomores and juniors should see Mrs. Henke to register.  To find out more about the PSAT, visit this link.





ACT/SAT Test Dates and Deadlines


SAT Test Dates Registration Deadline
October 5 September 6
November 2 October 3
December 7 November 8
January 25 December 27
March 8 February 7
May 3 April 4
June 7 May 9


SAT Registration and Preparation Website



ACT Test Dates Registration Deadline
September 21 August 23
October 26 September 27
December 14 November 8
February 8 January 10
April 13 March 7
June 14 May 9

ACT Registration and Preparation Website


ACT/SAT Prep Links

                        ACT Prep Websites                                                                    SAT Prep Websites


                        College Prep Coach                                                                       I Need A Pencil


                        4Tests                                                                                           College Prep Coach


                        Test Preview                                                                                4 Tests 


                        Prep Me                                                                                        Test Preview


                                                                                                                              Prep Me






Helpful Links


Financial Aid/Scholarships

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)


Sallie Mae


Scholarships 4 Me






All Student Loan





College Planning

Campus Tours


College Net


College Quest


College for Texans


College is Possible


College View


Schools in the USA


Texas Common Application


Texas Interactive College Finder


Accredited Online Colleges


Major Choices



Career Building/Exploration

Career Builder


Career Development Resources




US Works


Workforce Solutions


O Net


What's Your Dream Job?


To Contact Me:

Katherin Fugate, Ph.D.

PO Drawer C

500 N. Pecan

Moulton, TX 77975

Phone: 361-596-4099  

E-mail: kfugate@moultonisd.net


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