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Más información....

by Danielle Snyder

August 18, 2010

Welcome to Spanish for the 2010-2011 School Year.
Here is a list of my classroom rules
1.) Take care of your book and the number that you are assigned to! Do not leave it under your desk, and if you wish to not take it home place back on the shelf when you are finished.
2.) Do not leave personal belongings in class i.e.: books, purses, binders etc.
3.) The agenda and esponja need to be copied every day, if you miss a day get it from me or a friend at an appropriate time.
4.) No cell phones out period (even if class is over with).
5.) Keep your hands and belongings to yourself.
6.) The bell does not dismiss you, I do.
7.) Everyone must be in a seat before the bell rings.
8.) No writing on the boards without my permission.
9.) No cussing period, it will be an instant office referral.
10.) No one is allowed near my desk without my permission.If you do not comply with the rules above you will be subjected to a possible office referral.

Tests 50% (3 tests every six weeks district rule)
Daily assignments 50%

Materials: Your level Spanish book, three ring binder, dividers, pen, pencil, and folders (which will be given and stay in the classroom)

I have given you a folder that will be picked up and put back every day in class. Inside may contain notes or worksheets for the day you may need. Also, the folders will contain any makeup work you have missed for the day. Take care of your folder, do not lose it, and do not take it home. You may keep your agendas and esponjas in them, if they are in an organized matter.

Spanish III: Students please be prepared to read a lot in this class. In addition, we are going to be working with more advance grammatical structures, advanced comprehension skills, and advance vocabulary.  Be prepared!  


Enseña y Cuenta: This year I will be incorporating “show and tell” which will be a major part of your grade every six weeks.

For you information 
Recommendations for your binder
1.) Agendas
2.) Esponjas
3.) Notes
4.) Reading Packets
5.) Grammar hand-outs

Students in Spanish II and III will be presenting news in Spanish to the class each week. Starting in the month of September, students are expected to have news to share ready at the start of each new week, and be ready to present throughout the week. Ideally this information would be shared each Monday.


First Semester:

Spanish I:                                        Spanish II:                              Spanish III:

Greetings                                        The train station                      Spain                     

Describing People                            Restaurants                            Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia

School                                             Parts of a computer               Chile, Argentina,

School Supples                                Clothing                                Paraguay, and Uruguay

Going to school                                Past times

Second Semester:

Eating at a cafe                               Hotels                                    Central America

Family relationships                         Airplane terms                        Mexico

Sports                                            Parts of the body                    Cuba, Puerto Rico

Minor illnesses                                The city                                  Dominican Republic


* Each topic aligns vocabulary, grammar structures, culture, and verbs.


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