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Order your yearbook now

Yearbook SALE!!

Yearbooks for the 2018-2019 school year are on sale now

through April 12, 2019, and you will certainly want to buy yours

now in order to savor the memories of your last year in high school. These are the Days, which is the theme for the 2019 book, will document the people and events around MHS in full

color on every page.

To purchase your 2019 yearbook, please fill out the form below. Elementary students should return forms to their homeroom teacher, and junior high and high school students should return theirs to Mrs. Anna Bartos. Yearbooks will only be sold through April 12 at the price of $50. After that date, the price increases to $65. Please order your yearbook now as there is no guarantee that extra copies will be available in the fall. Securely attach your payment to your order.

Thank you for your support!


These are the Days- Yearbook Order Form

Name ________________________________________

Grade (this year) _______________________________

Number of books @ $50 _________________________

Total Due _____________________________________

Payment Method: Cash ____   Check ____ ck # _______