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Incident at School

Dear MISD Parents,

In an effort to remain as transparent as possible, we feel it is necessary to inform you of an incident that we became aware of at Moulton High School today, October 22, 2021. A high school student made an alleged threat.

The incident was reported, and school administration then began an investigation in conjunction with local authorities. The threat was determined NOT to be a substantiated threat. Appropriate disciplinary action, and any necessary law enforcement action will be taken. At no time was there a threat to any student or staff. Procedures in place allowed the staff to handle the situation immediately and appropriately.

We appreciate your willingness to trust us with your children. We will make every effort to provide them with a safe and controlled environment while at school.
Please direct any questions or concerns to Moulton High School or the Moulton Police Department.

Thank you, again.

Chris Ulcak
Superintendent of Schools