Kudos to the academic team on your results from the
state meet!!! Moulton finished 5th as a school, anchored
by the following contestants: Social Studies- TEAM
CHAMPIONS, Cathy Wenske, 2nd, Alex Tortoledo, 3rd,
Cindy Tortoledo, 8th, and Heather Olivarez, coach; Spelling TEAM CHAMPIONS, Julianna Buehring, 2nd; Angelica Manzano, 6th, Leslie Juarez, 7th, Oscar Lugo, and Jamie
Dornak & Heather Olivarez, coaches; Calculators- Lily
Simper, 5th, Randy Stevenson, coach; Headlines- Emily
Perry, 6th, Jamie Dornak, coach; Science- Alex Tortoledo,
4th, and Steven Drozd, coach. Other contestants at state
included Kamryn Darilek, News Writing and Headline
Writing, (Jamie Dornak, coach) and Gillian Barta, Ready
Writing (Anna Bartos, coach). WAY TO GO!!!!