Homecoming Happenings!

The bonfire on Monday night, proved to be a great success! 
The Moulton I.S.D. staff members send their appreciation to
the City of Moulton, the Fire Department, the Police Department,
Superintendent Dr. Todd Grandjean, and the fantastic students
for making this show of Moulton pride possible!  We appreciate
Justin Anderle, Daniel Beyer, Josh Schacherl, Mark Mezik,
Mark Pilat, and the coaches and all others for their help in
preparing the pallets, containing the fire and cleaning up
afterwards.  Special thanks to the classes for showing their
spirit in upholding our long standing traditions!  Last but never
least, thanks to the community that always comes out to support
their own. 
Homecoming Week was a fun way to bring home all the
traditions that make us who we are. A big thank you goes to
all of you for your outstanding school pride and spirit and to
the cheerleaders, StuCo, and the Booster Club for all their
cooperation and hard work. Congratulations to Braden Kram
and Angelina Guzman, who were elected Homecoming King
and Queen 2018-19.
Way to go, Katz and Kittens!!! Our varsity teams won third
place at the Katz and Kittens Klassic. For the Kittens, Erin
Blaschke, Lilee Jahn, and Mercedes Manzano received AllTourney
honors, while Caleb Nieto and Braden Kram earned
All-Tourney recognition for the Katz. Lilee Jahn and Braden
Kram were the Free Throw champions as well. A huge thank
you goes to the Booster Club, the coaching staff, and all the
volunteers who worked so hard before, during, and after
the Katz and Kittens Klassic to make the tournament such
a huge success!
The MHS band played at the third annual St. Joseph’s
Christmas Concert last Wednesday, and the music was
beautiful! Thank you, band members, Mr. Whit, Father
Gabriel, and Mary Lou for this opportunity to showcase our
students’ talents and to spread some Christmas cheer.