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LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan)

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2013-2014 Federal Report Card
2014-2015 School Year

Federal Report Card - High School
Federal Report Card - Elementary School
Texas NCLB Campus Report Card
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Elementary 2010 NCLB Report Card
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2012-2013 Moulton High School Report Card
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2014-2015 Moulton High School Report Card
2014-2015 Moulton Elementary Report Card
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2015-2016 District Improvement Plan
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Texas Academic Performance Reports:
  • 2013 Moulton ISD District TAP Report
  • 2013 Moulton Elementary TAP Report
  • 2013 Moulton High School TAP Report
  • 2013 TAP Report Glossary
  • 2013 TAP Report Spanish Glossary
  • 2013 TAP Report Questions and Answers Link . . .

The TAPR presents a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas. It also includes information on school and district staff, programs, and student demographics.

The Texas Performance Reporting System (TPRS)

MISD TAPR 2014-2015
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The TPRS, which provides detailed performance results at the school, district, region, and state levels, expands on information previously released in the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) by presenting performance and participation results by student group, including
  • Economically Disadvantaged,
  • Male/Female,
  • Special Education,
  • At Risk,
  • Migrant,
  • English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The TPRS also presents detailed results for several postsecondary readiness indicators, including the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), and reports results for AP/IB exams and the SAT/ACT by subject area.


District Mission and Goals
Gifted & Talented Plan
Gifted & Talented Nomination Form
Highly Qualified Teacher Report
College Credit Program

College Credit Courses
Testing for Home Schooled Students:
  • AP English Language & Composition Exam
  • AP Biology Exam

Contact Melanie Ressler, Counselor at (361) 596-4099 to register.

The Case Solved Community/Parent Engagement Reporting 2016-2017

Moulton ISD Summary
District Summary
Moulton High School Summary
Moulton Elementary Summary

Financial Policies and Procedures Manual
Activity Funds Manual 2014-2015
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2012 - 2013 Adopted Budget
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2013-2014 Adopted Budget
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2014-2015 Adopted Budget
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2014-15 Propane Costs
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2011-2012 Actual Financial Data

Physical Activity Policy

Immunization Awareness

Pre K Immunization Requirements
K-12 Immunization Requirements
"National Plan to Prevent the Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children"
The Moulton ISD SHAC/Wellness committee met 4 times a school year. If you are interested in being a part of the SHAC, please contact our District Nurse, Debbie Rother, at 361-596-4016.
Facilities and Operations

Integrated Pest Management