Moulton ISD Parental Involvement Policy Handbook

MISD Mission Statement

The Moulton Independent School District is dedicated to the task of building a solid foundation upon which each and every student can experience meaningful and positive growth. This will be accomplished by an environment that is educationally sound and individually stimulating. We feel that with the involvement of each student along with the commitment of school, home, and community that we can help develop useful, self-supporting, and productive citizens.


Statement of Purpose

Moulton ISD is committed to the goal of providing quality education for every student in the district.  To this end, we want to establish partnerships with parents and with the community.  Neither home nor school can do the job alone.  Parents play an extremely important role as the children’s first teachers.  Their support for their children and for the school is critical to their children’s success at every level of the way.  The purpose of parent involvement is to promote a school-home partnership that will help all students on all campuses succeed.  Everyone gains if school and homework together to promote high achievement for our children.  Grade level goals for the students of Moulton ISD will be distributed to all parents or guardians in the district, with the expectations that all student will work toward these goals.  We recognize that some of our students need extra assistance. Moulton ISD provides assistance to students with these needs through our Title I Schoolwide program to reach these goals.


  1. The LEA - Local Education Agency/School District involve parents in the joint development of the district’s school improvement plan [Section 1112] and the process of school review and improvement (Campus and District Needs Assessment) [Section 1116].


Moulton ISD intends to include parents in all aspects of the district’s Title I Program and Parental Involvement Policy.  The goal is a school-home partnership that will help all students in the district to succeed.  Parents and district personnel will meet to develop our district’s Parental Involvement Policy.  Parent will be invited from each campus in our district to be part of the process. 


  1. The LEA will provide the coordination, technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist participating schools in planning and implementing effective parent involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance.


Moulton ISD, the District Superintendent and the Asst. Special Programs Coordinator will provide support and training to principals and teachers to promote the parent involvement activities.


  1. Build the schools’ and parents’ capacity for strong parent involvement as described in section 1118(e).


In order to build a dynamic home-school partnership, Moulton ISD, with cooperation of the campuses, will provide the following:


  •      An annual meeting where parents will learn about the requirements of the school’s Title I schoolwide program, and be given an opportunity to become involved with their child’s education. The annual meeting will be held during the first semester.  A letter will be sent to each child’s parent, informing them of the date and time.


  •      Parent meetings and conferences held at different times during the day to accommodate the needs of the parents. Communications with parents will be in a format and a language that they can understand.  Title I funds may be used to pay for any reasonable necessary expenses such as transportation, to enable parents to participate in school-related meetings and training sessions.


  •      A description and explanation of the curriculum used, the forms of academic assessments used to measure student progress (benchmarks, iStation, TPRI, etc.) and proficiency levels students are expected to meet, will be provided to parents through a letter or conference.


  •      Assistance to parents in understanding the state’s academic content standards, known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and the state student achievement standards based on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) will be communicated through schoolwide meetings and a letter from the principal.


  •      A school-parent compact designed by parents and school staff that outlines how parents, the entire MISD staff, and the students will share the responsibility for improvement in student academic achievement.


  •      A minimum of one scheduled parent conference where the school-parent compact will be discussed as it relates to the progress of the student, as well as the expectations for the grade level school curriculum, test information, and any other concerns the teacher or parent may have.


  •      Parents will have the opportunity to help review, plan for and make suggestions to improve the Title I Program, as well as the Parental Involvement Policy and the School-Parent Compact. Two meetings will be provided in the fall and one meeting will be scheduled in the spring.


  •      Appropriate parent participation opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to their child’s education, if requested by the parent. Parents may request a meeting with the principal by phone, email, or in writing.  In addition, parents may attend the scheduled yearly and semester meetings.


  •      Information relating to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities will be sent to parents in a timely manner. Information will be give to parents through newsletters or calendars from the school, PTA, and from the classroom teacher.  In addition, the school marquees will be used to inform parents of dates of programs, meetings, and activities.  In addition, school calendars and notices of meetings will be posted in the local newspaper, The Moulton Eagle.


  •      Materials and specific training to help parents work with their children to improve achievement focusing on literacy and the use of technology.


Parents and community members are always welcome at our schools.  By using their suggestions to improve our schools and by working together, we can make all the students in our school successful learners.


  1. Moulton ISD, to the extent feasible and appropriate will coordinate and integrate Title I, Part A parental involvement strategies with parental involvement strategies under other programs strategies.


  1. Moulton ISD, with the involvement of parents, conducts an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the District Title I Parental Involvement Policy with regard to:

  •      Improving the academic quality of the Title I, Part A schoolwide program

  •      Identifying barriers to greater participation by parents in activities of Title I, Part A school authorized by section 1118, giving particular attention to parents who:

    •      Are economically disadvantaged

    •      Are disabled

    •      Have limited English proficiency

    •      Have limited literacy

    •      Are of any racial or ethnic minority background


District personnel and parents will evaluate the parental involvement activities and the Parental Involvement Policy. Use the findings of such evaluation, and recommendations in designing strategies for more effective parental involvement, and revising if necessary.


  1. Moulton ISD will involve parents in the activities of Title I, Part A schools. Timely communication and an inviting and family-friendly atmosphere will enhance parent involvement in the activities of the Title I, Part A participating schools.  Parents will receive information in a language they can understand that will detail the activities of the school, and will be asked to participate.  Schools may use communication strategies such as personal contact, newsletters, notes sent home with the students, and email to invite parents to participate in the school’s activities.  Whenever possible, language interpreters will be provided.  Parents and community members are always welcome at our schools.  By working together and making suggestions to improve our schools, we can make all the students in our schools successful learners.